Dana Mario Wood is a contemporary figurative and landscape artist visiting from North Carolina, He and his family have lived in the Midwest and mostly the Eastern U.S. for the past 21 years. He was raised in Utah in a bilingual/bi-cultural home, attended a Spanish speaking ward and served his mission in Costa Rica. His use of color stems from his Mother’s rich and colorful Mexican heritage. His love of nature was instilled by spending time with his Father outdoors enjoying all of God’s creations. Dana studied Fine-art and Spanish at BYU and earned an MBA- Marketing while living in MN. Over the years he has exhibited in solo, group and international gallery shows. Dana is most excited about recently sharing spiritual and religious inspired work. He was honored to receive Merit of Excellence and Visitor’s Choice Awards in the 10th International Church Art Competition. His painting “Let Us Adore Him” was featured on the cover of the Ensign, December 2016 edition and accompanied the 2015 Deseret News Christmas Devotional message. He enjoys giving back by participating in fundraising events such as the New England Mormon Art Tour, a fundraiser for first-generation BYU students, Southern Virginia University Education Week, and Vision of the Arts fundraiser for new and emerging artists.

Website:  danamariowood.com

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