Shari Lyon JSMB Show Artist

When selecting artist’s for the JSMB Christmas Season Art Showcase I love to find artist’s that can bring a different type of art to the show. Shari Lyon is definitely that artist. Her art is call “Encaustic”. What is Encaustic Art? In Shari’s own words she explains it well. “Most people are not familiar with the word encaustic. It’s basically painting with a specific mixture of beeswax and damar resin. Painting with hot, melted wax and a propane torch. I also incorporate the use of oil paints, pan pastels, photography, and some drawings.
The process requires both patience and spontaneity. It’s a rare marriage of being in control and completely losing control in the process. It’s labor intensive, and there are many steps involved. But the outcome is a dreamy, ethereal image with texture and appeal unlike any other art form. You truly have to see encaustic works to really appreciate all they have to offer. Photos rarely do them justice”. Shari Lunt Lyon‘s work can be found in private collections in the United States and Canada. Come see Shari’s amazing work at the JSMB in SLC, Utah-November 28-December 1.

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