Join IAA

Benefits of Membership:

  • Financial-Collective promotion, individual exposure and diversity in channels of distribution.
  • Educational-Events to encourage the development of artistic talents, skills, knowledge, and business savvy.
  • Social-Mutually supporting and networking with like-minded artists, art enthusiasts and related businesses.
  • Spiritual-Serving and uplifting others, and furthering the cause of goodness, faith, hope and truth.

The current annual membership fee is $75. Follow the link below to pay your dues for the year.

Signing up for membership is a TWO STEP process. You’ll need to PURCHASE MEMBERSHIP HERE (page will open in a new tab) AND FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW

**If you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay with a credit or debit card by following the link above and then clicking on the button near the bottom of the page that says “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”.