Inspirational Art Association

2021 11th Annual IAA Christmas Season Art Showcase Awards dinner held December 1st, 2021 at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, Salt Lake City, Utah The Piano Guys, Inspirational Artist of the Year and Elder Timothy Dyches, Patron of the Arts. Left to right: Steven Sharp Nelson, Timothy Dyches, Cindy Latimore, Jon Schmidt and Joseph Brickey

2021 IAA Executive Officers and Board

President:  Joseph F. Brickey

Vice President: Howard Lyon

IAA Events Curator/Director:  Cindy Latimore

Treasurer:  Torgie Murdock

IAA Advisory Board Members:  Scott Sumners, Sandra Rast, Linda Curley Christensen, Mark Latimore

The 10th Annual IAA/JSMB Christmas Season Art Showcase held December 4th, 2019 in SLC.

2019 Patrons of the Arts and Key Note Speakers-President Tad R. and Kathy Callister.
L to R-Howard Lyon-Vice President, Joseph Brickey,-President, Tad and Kathy Callister and Cindy Latimore-Director and Events Curator
2019 Advocate of the Arts
Joseph Brickey-President, President Russell M. Nelson and Cindy Latimore-Director and Events Curator.
2019 Inspirational Artist
Garth Smith
Elder Neil L. and Kathy Anderson, Cindy Latimore-Director and Events Curator, Joseph Bricky, President.