From Sandra’s earliest memories the love of art and the passion for painting and drawing have been a great influence and factor in her personality and life. She grew up in a family of 8 children. She has always been hard at work with anything that she is involved in. In her youth, she worked bagging potatoes at the family produce company as well as working to help take care of her younger siblings at home. Growing up she was surrounded by a large family, pet chickens, lambs, a homemade greenhouse and a grandfather who was nicknamed Johnny Appleseed. Her desire to paint and to continue her education led her to study fine art at Brigham Young University as well as the University of Utah. She continued work at the family trucking business as the Chief Financial Officer for many years. Honesty and Integrity are things that have always been a part of her life. She has an uncanny business sense, as well as an amazing ability to relate, influence, and communicate with those around her. She is a good friend, and many people confide in her because of her wisdom and understanding. During the years of raising and helping to support a family, art classes and painting groups helped feed her hunger and thirst for art. Her children will always remember her painting an old house out on location, or painting a still life in her studio. She has an excitement for painting that extends into many areas of her life. She works hard as an oil painter, as her own publisher, and as a mentor and mother. Her painting “In The Garden” is on the cover of a book called “My Dear Sisters,” published by Deseret Book. She played a key role in the founding and organization of the Inspirational Arts Association, including serving as a board member for several years and president of the organization in 2012. She has always had a great love for her pioneer heritage and this love has offered her some sweet experiences as she has been involved in painting portions of pioneer history. She was invited as part of a group of artists to participate in the filming of the PBS special “Sweet Water Rescue” by Lee Groberg. The paintings that have resulted from this great experience have touched the hearts of many. Her pioneer paintings are currently being featured on the Joseph Smith Papers. She has four children and has always had a strong sense of her importance and role as a mother. She is a friend and confident to her children. Her testimony and love of the Gospel has blessed her family. Her testimony is felt through many of her paintings, and has influenced and inspired many people. She has been able to share the gospel through her artwork and has loved doing it.

Website: http://www.sandrarast.com

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