2017 JSMB Christmas Season Art Showcase

The 2017 JSMB Christmas Season Art Showcase held in the Historic Joseph Smith Memorial Building in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Wednesday, November 29th was Opening Night: VIP Private Artist Dinner/Reception Richard G. Hinckley was the Keynote Speaker along with Kenneth Cope providing the Musical Presentations. A beautiful setting inside the Olympus Room on the tenth floor along with a fabulous dinner began the 8th Annual Event. Mark Latimore, current IAA President opened the evening as the Emcee. Prior to the Awards Presentation and Richard G. Hinckley’s remarks, Kenneth Cope began the program by singing one his beautiful hits. This year’s awards were as follows: Cindy Latimore presented this year’s Stroud Award to Joseph Brickey. This is the first year that this award was not announced in advance. Cindy purposely kept it a surprise until the announcing of the award. Joseph Brickey presented the Advocate of the Arts to Micah J. Christensen and Mark R. Latimore Presented the Patron of the Arts to Richard G. Hinckley First Quorum of the Seventy Emeritus. Joseph Brickey painted an original of Richard G. Hinckley’s mother, Marjorie Pay Hinckley and also presented it to Richard G. Hinckley. Tom Holdman who design the awards not only described the process of his Studio designing and producing the awards and helped award each glass piece to each recipient. Richard G. Hinckley’s keynote speech was inspiring and very meaningful to those in attendance. He shared personal stories regarding his father President Gordon B. Hinckley and his love for the Arts. Richard has shared with me a copy of his talk if anyone would like a copy please message me. Kenneth Cope ended this part of the evening with a few more musical numbers. The dinner was adjourned and the VIP Private Artist Reception continued in the Bonneville Room just off the Lobby where the Artist’s work was on displayed. As I was going through this year’s pictures after receiving them from the IAA Photographer I was amazed how everyone had a constant smile on their face. Indeed it was a magical evening.

The 2017 JSMB Christmas Season Art Showcase VIP Private Artist Reception continued into the Bonneville Room. After the dinner thirty highly acclaimed artists met and greeted guests at the VIP Private Artists Reception. Kenneth Cope continued throughout the evening entertaining all in attendance with his beautiful music. This evening was remarkable and broke records from the previous years. Cheryl Anne West Laumer along with her husband Robert was our Host/Hostess for the evening.

The 2017 JSMB Christmas Season Art Showcase was opened to the public for three additional days. During that time they were able to listen to Kenneth Cope nightly as well as visit directly with each Artist. To hear the Artist personal stories behind each of their artwork and to see “Original” pieces of art is unique to this show. Patron’s also were able to vote on their favorite piece of art for “People’s Choice”. This year the voting was very tight, Yongsung Kim from South Korea received this year’s “Award”. Each of the Artist’s in this year’s show brought so much to the show with not only their individual talents but also the genuine love and care for each other which was so evident and carried through to those who attended. Thanks to each of you Artists for making my job so enjoyable and I am grateful for the lifelong friends I have made.
Shaun Anderson, a new artist’s to the show this year. His work is incredible. Thanks for letting me give you a hard time during this show:)
Joseph Brickey, this show is so lucky to have a world-renown artist such as Joseph Brickey. One of the most humble artists I know. Not very many men would let me get away with comparing them to a “Sloth”.
Linda Christensen, a dear friend and such a remarkable person to see her talents with the temple murals around the world. She is such a supporter of me and this show.
Mary Brickey Cole, such a delight and her first time in the show as well. Beautiful work!
Kenneth Cope, an absolute joy to have him in this year’s show. It has been such a treat to collaborate with him in preparing for this year’s show and become such a good friend. Kenneth was a huge hit by those in attendance including all the JSMB Artists.
Natalie Crossley, this young talented artist had been in the JSMB show a few years ago. Her work is so inspiring. Her personality is so beautiful.
Annette Whitaker Everett, this lady is such a joy. Her sculptures are out of this world. So glad you found me and the show.
Katie Garner, her work has been so welcoming to the JSMB Show. It’s Katie’s second year and is a popular artist’s to those in attendance. Thanks Katie for your amazing gifts.
Tom Holdman, is a master and teacher, what an honor to have his “Lily of the Field’s” stained glass piece in the show. I hope I didn’t wear you down too much by begging you to bring this not so easy of a piece to haul around to the show. Hope I didn’t wear out all of my friend points:)
Richard Horrocks, he may appear intimidating, but underneath he is the most genuine artist I have had the pleasure of working with. He has been a great champion of my work. Thank you, Richard and Sara:)
Yongsung Kim, 김용성, what a talented and humble man from South Korea. Although we couldn’t speak without an interrupter we were able to communicate and develop a good strong lifelong friendship.
Mark R Latimore, what can I say!!! Besides being a gifted artist he is my biggest cheerleader and supporter. A great example to me:)
Howard Lyon, to have Howard Lyon in the JSMB Show is such a gift. So lucky to have him and his wife Shari Lunt Lyon as friends. Shari exhibited for the first time this year. Her work is so unique and was so well received. Thanks to both of you for your support and help!!!
Anne Marie Oborn, one of the most generous artist’s I know. Grateful for her support. Anne’s talent and knowledge of art are remarkable. Glad I put your panels by the IAA Table:)
Bob Pack, hard to believe this Artist also holds a PHD. It was great to get to know you at the Photo Shoot this past September and see how your models there transformed into beautiful Original’s on canvas at this year’s show.
Ruth Buckmiller, you and your husband’s work in Africa was so reflective in your beautiful artwork. Glad you were part of the show this year.
Mark Pugh, was new to the show this year. The first time I saw his work I tracked him down and knew he needed to display at this year’s show. So grateful I did, you added so much to the show.
Sandy Bangerter Rast, a friend, mentor, and hotel:) Such a great supporter of the show. Sandra is a world renown artist and her work is recognized by so many who come through the doors at the show. Thanks for putting up with my random thoughts:)
Lynette Seiter, such a sweetheart. Lynette’s work was one of the first pieces that were sold opening night:)
Ken Spencer, the slogan “you can run but can’t hide” is true with our friendship. Ken travels all over the world with his art and I know he finally said yes to applying for this year’s show to get me off his back, but I doubt he regrets it!!!
Elizabeth Rast Stanley, whose work is fabulous. Not only a gifted artist but helps me out at a moment notice when I need her. Thanks:)
Scott Sumner, the JSMB Art Show is indeed lucky to have Scott’s work grace it’s walls. His fabulous photography is exhibited around the world and he is without a doubt a very cherished friend.
Liz Swindle, the JSMB Show is so lucky to have Liz Lemon Swindle in the show. Although Liz has world fame she is such a supporter of the Original Art that we promote. Thank you Liz:
Danene Taysom, her work that has been at the JSMB Art Show and in galleries have become a must-have. So exciting to share with you when they sell off the walls:)
Sariah Wight, is a new artist to the show this year. Sariah’s art was a good and welcomed addition to the show. A lovely young artist with a great future.
Dan Wilson, hard to believe when Dan applied for the show three years ago that he would become a much sought-after artist. It’s pure joy to see how his career has soared even if it’s created a rule breaker at my show:).
Kwani Povi Hale Winder, what a sweet and beautiful woman. Last year was Kwani’s first year in the show where one of her pieces received “People’s Choice”, it’s been a privilege to watch her career bloom.
Dana Wood, it doesn’t seem that long ago that I called you in North Carolina telling you that I saw your work and that you needed to apply for the JSMB Art Show. So glad you didn’t hang up on me:) Your work added so much to the show. Thank you for teaching more about Instagram, still not my favorite social media thing to do:).
Telsha Latimore Delbosque and Teresa Cox, there is no way I could have ran the show as smoothly as I did without you two. I know I worked your tails off but I did notice you still seem to have a riot and kept yourselves out of trouble. There aren’t enough words to say Thank you. Love you guys!!!

Cindy Latimore, Show Director

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