JR Johansen JSMB Show Artist

With this being Veterans Day, it is with pure pride and an honor to feature one of this year’s JSMB Christmas Season Art Showcase Artists. For the past three years JR Johansen has been painting portraits of missionaries who died while serving missions and presenting the portraits to their families. This service encompasses those missionaries that served worldwide.

JR has terminal health problems, He struggles with damaged lungs, heart and spirit from his years of service with the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. JR feels that this project he began approximately three years ago has given him a purpose. He says, “I was supposed to have died almost three years ago. In many ways, I think I am getting better. Positive thinking goes a long way toward healing. The first moment after a family hears that their son or their daughter has just passed away experience great anxiety and shock. Their faith brings them to their knees. Their comfort is their love of the Savior Jesus Christ. This painting portrays a mother and father who have just experienced such a moment . Their son who is now a ministering angel understands their sorrow and has come to comfort them”. This painting will be on display at the show this year. “Come and be amazed at JR and his work at the JSMB, in SLC, Utah November 28th-December 1st.

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