Joseph F. Brickey

How extremely fortunate to have the world famous Joseph F. Brickey exhibiting in the Ninth Annual JSMB Christmas Season Art Showcase this year. Joseph has been in Rome for most of the Fall painting a 20’x50′ mural at the Rome Temple Visitors Center with just returning to the States last week. To have him notched out any time to have his work showcased at this years show is an absolute honor. Works by Brickey are on the walls of the Campinas Brazil Temple and the annex of the Salt Lake Temple, and he did six murals for the Copenhagen Denmark Temple. He studied in various schools throughout the United States and Europe and earned his MFA from the New York Academy. He won the Grand Central Academy sculpture competition and was awarded a marble sculpting fellowship to Carrara, Italy. He is the director of the art program at the Beaux-Arts Academy, a school of classical art and architecture. Springville Art Museum has a painting of Sampson by Brickey in its collection. Joseph’s work is a must to see at the JSMB in SLC, Utah November 28th-December 1st.

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