Holdman Studios JSMB Show Artist

Tom Holdman and the Holdman Studios team have created art in over 40 countries.  Their work will be displaying at the JSMB Christmas Showcase once again. From humble beginnings in Tom’s parents’ garage to two international studios, their art is found in over 90 temples of the Church of Jesus Christ and other religious denominations.   A few current projects are the Tokyo, Lisbon, and Rio temples.
The studio’s most ambitious piece to date is Roots of Knowledge, a 200 foot long mural located at UVU detailing the history of Knowledge from the Creation until the Present day. It received worldwide attention and Britain’s newspaper, The Guardian, proclaimed it, “one of the most spectacular stained glass windows made in the last century”.  Sketches from the latest masterpiece, “Come Unto Me,” a 5,000 piece stained glass mural for the Rome Temple Visitor’s Center, will be on display at the event as well as concepts from the studio’s herculean endeavor, “Roots of Humanity.”

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