Our mission is to foster the creation and promotion of inspirational art, to showcase wholesome content, and to extend its influence to individuals, homes and communities throughout the world.  We seek to honor the Master Creator our Savior Jesus Christ, by setting a standard of excellence and by uplifting each other and those we serve through our art.

How We define Inspirational Art:

  • Represents and embodies truth, beauty, hope, faith and goodness.
  • Dignifies those who create it and those who experience it.
  • Edifies and renews through tasteful and wholesome content.
  • Exemplifies excellence in the mastery of an artistic craft.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Financial-Collective promotion, individual exposure and diversity in channels of distribution.
  • Educational-Events to encourage the development of artistic talents, skills, knowledge, and business savvy.
  • Social-Mutually supporting and networking with like-minded artists, art enthusiasts, and related businesses.
  • Spiritual-Servicing and uplifting others, and furthering the cause of goodness, faith, hope, and truth.