Holdman Studios JSMB Show Artist

Tom Holdman and the Holdman Studios team have created art in over 40 countries.  Their work will be displaying at the JSMB Christmas Showcase once again. From humble beginnings in Tom’s parents’ garage to two international studios, their art is found in over 90 temples of the Church of Jesus Christ and other religious denominations.   A few current projects are the Tokyo, Lisbon, and Rio temples.
The studio’s most ambitious piece to date is Roots of Knowledge, a 200 foot long mural located at UVU detailing the history of Knowledge from the Creation until the Present day. It received worldwide attention and Britain’s newspaper, The Guardian, proclaimed it, “one of the most spectacular stained glass windows made in the last century”.  Sketches from the latest masterpiece, “Come Unto Me,” a 5,000 piece stained glass mural for the Rome Temple Visitor’s Center, will be on display at the event as well as concepts from the studio’s herculean endeavor, “Roots of Humanity.”

Kwani Povi Winder JSMB Show Artist

Kwani Povi Winder is a favorite at the JSMB Christmas Season Art Showcase.  Several years ago she received the “People’s Choice Award”  Kwani developed a deep love for art from the time she could hold a pencil.  She attended college at Brigham Young University-Idaho but was pursuing a degree in Biology.  Three classes shy of a bachelors, she switched to art, took her first painting class and graduated with a BFA in Oil Painting in 2013
Kwani calls herself a stay at home artist.  She does almost all her creating with her daughter at her side, including painting en plein air.   She loves the outdoors and takes every opportunity she can to paint and learn under nature’s canopy.
Kwani’s work is also heavily influenced by being a Santa Clara Pueblo Indian.  Through her paintings she seeks to preserve, share and educate about her unique heritage.  Come see why her work is a must see at theJSMB in SLC, Utah-November 28-December 1.

Dan Wilson JSMB Show Artist

Dan Wilson is an award winning fine art artist.  Dan says he recalls being a doodler back in high school.  The temptation to fill empty spaces on his test papers was so great that he aways filled the margins with artwork.  His doodling paid off for which he now is a full-time professional artist and teaches art out of his studio in Lehi, Utah.  One of Dan’s nine foot portraits of the Savior hangs in the Orlando Florida LDS Temple.  Come see Dan actually paint in person at the JSMB Christmas Season Art Showcase in SLC, Utah-November 28-December 1st.


Shari Lyon JSMB Show Artist

When selecting artist’s for the JSMB Christmas Season Art Showcase I love to find artist’s that can bring a different type of art to the show. Shari Lyon is definitely that artist. Her art is call “Encaustic”. What is Encaustic Art? In Shari’s own words she explains it well. “Most people are not familiar with the word encaustic. It’s basically painting with a specific mixture of beeswax and damar resin. Painting with hot, melted wax and a propane torch. I also incorporate the use of oil paints, pan pastels, photography, and some drawings.
The process requires both patience and spontaneity. It’s a rare marriage of being in control and completely losing control in the process. It’s labor intensive, and there are many steps involved. But the outcome is a dreamy, ethereal image with texture and appeal unlike any other art form. You truly have to see encaustic works to really appreciate all they have to offer. Photos rarely do them justice”. Shari Lunt Lyon‘s work can be found in private collections in the United States and Canada. Come see Shari’s amazing work at the JSMB in SLC, Utah-November 28-December 1.