Elizabeth J. Stanley JSMB Show Artist

Elizabeth Stanley’s artwork is a must see at the JSMB Christmas Season Art Showcase. Her paintings are breathtaking and inviting. Elizabeth’s desire to study the works of the masters led her to Europe to study at the University of Neuchatel Switzerland. Come and visit with Elizabeth personally and hear her wonderful stories of how and what inspires her to paint. JSMB in SLC, Utah-November 28-December 1.

JR Johansen JSMB Show Artist

With this being Veterans Day, it is with pure pride and an honor to feature one of this year’s JSMB Christmas Season Art Showcase Artists. For the past three years JR Johansen has been painting portraits of missionaries who died while serving missions and presenting the portraits to their families. This service encompasses those missionaries that served worldwide.

JR has terminal health problems, He struggles with damaged lungs, heart and spirit from his years of service with the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. JR feels that this project he began approximately three years ago has given him a purpose. He says, “I was supposed to have died almost three years ago. In many ways, I think I am getting better. Positive thinking goes a long way toward healing. The first moment after a family hears that their son or their daughter has just passed away experience great anxiety and shock. Their faith brings them to their knees. Their comfort is their love of the Savior Jesus Christ. This painting portrays a mother and father who have just experienced such a moment . Their son who is now a ministering angel understands their sorrow and has come to comfort them”. This painting will be on display at the show this year. “Come and be amazed at JR and his work at the JSMB, in SLC, Utah November 28th-December 1st.

Liz Lemon Swindle JSMB Show Artist

I am excited to make an announcement that not any of this year’s show artist or patrons know about. Liz Lemon Swindle will be exhibiting at the Ninth Annual JSMB Christmas Season Art Showcase November 28th-December 1st at the JSMB in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her images of Jesus Christ have been featured in countless publications around the world including being used as Christmas cards for the National Geographic, the Smithsonian Institute, and the White House. What an honor it is to have a much published artist as Liz Swindle in the JSMB Art Show and have her work hang on our gallery walls. Here is a video of just some of her work.

Megan Lee Schaugaard JSMB Show Artist

One of this year’s JSMB Christmas Season Art Showcase Artists is having a birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN LEE SCHAUGAARD. It is exciting for Megan to be exhibiting in the show this year. In her application to me she said, “I am constantly looking at the potential of everything. I try to wrap my mind around how to move walls and maybe someday move mountains. When logic says “no,” I can’t seem to accept that. Perhaps that is why I love art so much”. Spot on mentality for this premier art show Megan Lee Schaugaard, Welcome!!! Come and visit with Megan personally at the JSMB in SLC, UT. November 28-December 1st.

Naomi Brown JSMB Show Artist

One of the artists for this year’s JSMB Christmas Season Art Showcase comes from Arizona. Naomi Brown is known for her award winning Southwest landscapes. Her art has been published in magazines and is in private collections. She gained notoriety with her classic desert paintings, and has seamlessly entered the world of religious art. Naomi will be coming from the warmth of Arizona to chilly Utah to exhibit her magnificent artwork at the JSMB, SLC, Utah-November 28th-December 1st.

Katie Garner 2018 JSMB Show Artist

It’s simply amazing that Katie Garner is able to be one of this year’s JSMB Christmas Season Art Showcase Artists after recently adding a new addition to her young family. Katie believes art is a language that speaks directly to our hearts and that images and symbols have the ability to teach us for a lifetime. Katie’s talent also allows her to paint murals in people’s homes and businesses. She has had the opportunity to assist Linda Curley Christensen with the restorations of the murals inside The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Temple in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Come meet Katie Garner at the JSMB, SLC, Utah November 28-December 1st and hear her unique perspective of how her art is able to speak to your heart.

Anne Marie Oborn 2018 Show Artist

Anne Marie Oborn is well known for her Russian Impressionist oil paintings and will again be exhibiting at the Ninth Annual JSMB Christmas Season Art Showcase. Anne Marie is such a gracious and giving person and it shows not only in her actions but in her artwork as well. She is one of the artists participating in “Project Compassion”, painting the beloved soldiers free for their families. In the Lake Forest Women’s Hospital in Chicago, Illinois hangs 3 large paintings of Anne’s. Her illustrations appear on many books and magazines including International Art Magazine, Ensign, Liahona, The Daffodil Principle by Geraldine Edwards, A Mother’s Love by Deseret Book Co., and was commissioned to illustrate “His Gift” by Richard Paul Evans. Come visit with such an accomplished artists as Anne Marie at the JSMB, in SLC, Utah. November 28th-December 1st.