IAA Award Recipients

The Inspirational Art Association sponsors the JSMB Christmas Season Art Showcase.  This event has become the Premier Art Show of the year.  The Inspirational Art Association gives out three prestigious awards at the VIP Dinner/Reception that is held the opening night of the show.

2019 Award Winners:

Tad R. and Kathy Callister:  Patron of the Arts

President Russell M. Nelson:  Advocate of the Arts

Garth Smith:  Inspirational Artist

2018 Award Winners:

Gordon Bowen: Patron of the Arts

Elder David Warner:  Advocate of the Arts

Kenneth Cope:  Stroud Award

2017 Award Winners:

Elder Richard G. Hinckley:  Advocate of the Arts

Micah H. Christensen:  Patron of the Arts

Joseph F. Brickey:  Stroud Service Award

Tom Holdman:  Presenter and designer of the awards

2016 Award Winners:

President Henry B. Eyring:  Advocate of the Arts

President Matthew S. Holland:  Patron of the Arts

Tom Holdman:  Presenter and designer of the awards

Cindy L. Latimore:  Stroud Service Award

2015 Award Winners:

President Thomas S. Monson: Advocate of the Arts

Tom Christofferson:  Patron of the Arts

Mark Latimore:  Stroud Service Award

2014 Award Winners:

Ken Packer:  Advocate of the Arts

Todd Knell:  Patron of the Arts

Rita Wright:  Stroud Service Award